Why joining your Association is the best thing you can do for your Building Design business in 2021

10th December 2020

After the crazy year that was, it's time to hit the ground running in 2021! Make the resolution to work on you and your business this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit everyone differently - did your business take a hit? Busier than ever thanks to the HomeBuilder grant? Bit of both?

Here's why joining your Association, the Building Designers' Association of Queensland (BDAQ), is 2021's best way to invest in your business and career...

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Who doesn't love a good dollar saving hack? By far one of our best value member benefits is thanks to the good folk at Webber Insurance.

It may be a little known fact, but BDAQ members score a pretty sweet discount when they take out their Professional Indemnity insurance with Webber! Daniel, Chris and the team are known for being efficient, helpful and knowledgeable - if you have a question about your insurance, they'll get you an answer (and treat you like the VIP you are!).


Upskill, upskill, upskill!

2020 seemed to be the year for learning new things - whether you adopted an iso-hobby or got swept up in the science of COVID-19!

You're never too old, experienced or knowledgeable to get better at what you do for a living. That's why BDAQ offers a wide range of in-house CPD and masterclasses offered both online and in-person. We also hand deliver the most relevant industry news right to your inbox every week! From legislative updates to the latest products to hit the market to case studies, you'll never feel like you're lagging behind again. We do the hard work for our members to make sure they're always at the top of their game. The best bit? Our learning opportunities are FREE for members!

Technical Support

We're one big family here at BDAQ, which means our members LOVE to help each other. If you've got a technical question, look no further than our extensive technical support network.

Between our members-only Facebook group, friendly Head Office team, sub-committee chairs and partners, we've got a diverse knowledge base at your fingertips. You'll get an answer quickly and from the people who know best (no half-hearted answers here!). Whether you're just starting out, a sole trader or experienced business owner, you'll love being part of our community!

Let Your Business Stand Out

If you play your cards right, your business can get some serious bang for buck from your BDAQ membership. We're constantly working hard to shout about our members from the rooftops! Our website, Find a Building Designer, features all our members and helps consumers find a Building Designer in their area.

Our Head Office team is located in the Build and Design Centre, where hundreds of consumers pass through our showroom every week to speak with our friendly team about finding the right Building Designer for them. Our annual awards magazine is showcased in Queensland Home Design + Living, a magazine that targets and goes out to consumers across the state.

And that's all before we even mention our annual Building Design Awards program! The work of our members is showcased at Regional, State and National level awards every year, with winners getting great coverage across digital (Instagram, Facebook) and print advertising.


Small Business Support

We know lots of our members are sole traders or small business owners, so we work to provide support to help you thrive! Your local branch hosts meetings where you can network and connect with other small business owners in your area.

With local networking opportunities, business masterclasses (both online and in person), small business news delivered right to your inbox and our member support network, advice is never far away.

Have we convinced you yet? It's time to invest in your business and career! Still have questions? Get in touch with our friendly Head Office team and let us answer any extra questions you have.

Ready to go? Become a member today!