BDAQ aims to protect and promote the profession of Building Design. One way which this can be achieved is to provide members with a platform by which they can demonstrate their commitment to maintaining relevant and current knowledge of technical, professional and ethical standards. This commitment to continuous learning will set our members apart from non-members.

Not only will you have a measurable level of personal and professional advancement of your Building Design knowledge and skills set, you will also contribute to the improvement of the BDAQ membership body. This program will contribute to ensuring that BDAQ continues to be recognised as the industry association leader for Building Designers in Queensland and improves BDAQ’s position with complementary and aligned professionals in the Building and Construction Industry.

All Full Members must complete and log 20 CPD points each year by 31st March in order to be eligible for renewal.

All Affiliate Members must complete and log 10 CPD points each year by 31st March in order to be eligible for renewal.

How to Earn CPD Points

Activities are deemed approved for the BDAQ CPD Program whether formal or informal if they relate, engage, inform, expand, your career as a building designer.

  • Units from a related Degree, Diploma, Cert IV or Cert III course
  • BDAQ-hosted CPD or Masterclass (in person or online)
  • Seminars, trade/technical presentations, conferences or workshops hosted by industry
  • BDAQ Branch meetings
  • Active role on BDAQ branch/state/national committees Mentoring students

For the full list of approved activities, download the 2020 CPD program.