What BDAQ Does


The BDAQ works with Building Designers across the state to promote and protect their profession, serving as the only association in Queensland of its kind.

We create opportunities for our members to access Continuing Professional Development, give them platforms on which to showcase their work through our awards program and represent them on regional, State and National levels by sitting on various industry boards.

Building Designers who are members of the BDAQ have access to the most up-to-date industry knowledgetechnical information and trends. This is done through regular professional development sessions in person and online, and a diverse network of industry partners who deliver updates directly to members. Most importantly BDAQ members form ongoing connections with their industry peers through branch events, creating a professional support network which benefits all involved.

Being a BDAQ member assures industry peers and clients that the designer they’ve chosen is licensedwell represented and can deliver high calibre work.

  • 21 BDAQ Partners

Our History


BDAQ was formed in 1990 to give recognition to a profession of critical importance to the building industry.

BDAQ lobbied the government for registration of Building Designers for three years until June 1993 when the Minister for Housing and Public Works, the Hon. Terry Mackenroth announced at the Townsville BDAQ Conference that "on the recommendation of the Queensland Building Services Board, Building Designers would be licensed under the Queensland Building Services Authority Act.”

BDAQ is at the forefront of aligning all Australian building designers nationally through the National Association of Building Designers (NABD), enhancing public recognition of building designers at local, state and national levels.

The mission of the BDAQ is to promote the pursuit of excellence and integrity within the building design profession and to support and promote Building Designers in Queensland working within a local, national and international context. BDAQ also endeavours to guide Building Designers to a position of respect and dignity in the built environment industry.

The Building Designers’ Association of Queensland exists to Protect and Promote the profession of Building Design in Queensland.


This is achieved through a number of actions and activities that include:

  • providing advocacy on behalf of our members and the profession as a whole to Government.

  • seeking to influence government policy at local and state level to the benefit of our members and the profession.

  • providing avenues for training and professional development for members

  • encouraging our members to make a positive contribution to their communities and their built environment.

  • informing the wider community of the valuable role of the profession.


Through these actions our association will remain the peak body representing Building Designers and will enhance the reputation of our members in industry and the wider community.