Honour Board

State Presidents

1990-1990 Chris Raymond

1990-1992 Jim O'Leary

1992-1994 Adrian Pooley

1994-1996 Keith Ratcliffe

1996-1997 Russel Meikle

1997-1999 Russel Brandon

1999-2001 Phillip Buchanan

2001-2003 Peter Nelson

2003-2006 Jeff Osman

2006-2008 Max Slade

2008-2010 Greg Pershouse

2010-2011 Arthur Martin

2011-2014 Greg Pershouse

2014-2016 Steve Claridge

2016-2018 Brad Read

2018-          Owen Kleidon


Office Administrators

1990-1991 Margaret Hooker

(Executive Secretary - Honorary)

1991-1992 Don Willsher

(Executive Officer)

1992-2000 Margaret Hooker

(Executive Secretary - Honorary)

2000-2016 Russell Brandon

(Kallangur Drafting Services)

2016-2018 Maria Cardillo

(Executive Officer)

2018-          Tamara Smith

(Executive Officer)


Executive Directors

1992-1996 John Hooker

1999-2017 Russell Brandon

Doug Mayes Memorial Medal

 The Doug Mayes Memorial Medal may be presented each year to a member who has provided outstanding service to BDAQ at branch level. The Medal recognises those members who have performed any services above and beyond that required of the position.


2012 Peter Latemore | Brisbane

2014 Tamica Lewis | Mackay

2015 Susan Hobbs | Brisbane

2015 Stuart Osman | Gold Coast

2016 Andrea Weightman | Townsville

2020 Neil Jones | Far North Queensland

Life Members

A member can be awarded Life Membership if they have provided dedicated and continuous service to the Association for a period of at least 15 years. This award is a way for the Association to recognise members who have given a very high level of service to the Association for a number of years.


1992 Jim O'Leary

1992 John Hooker

1994 Adrian Pooley

2000 Jeff Osman

2000 Russell Brandon

2008 Glen Place

2008 Bert Priest

2009 Phillip Buchanan

2012 Peter Nelson

2015 Greg Pershouse

2016 Colin Roe

2017 Peter Latemore



 Fellow membership gives recognition to a member for lifting the profile of the BDAQ and Building Designers to the public over many years.


2009 Stephen Kidd

2009 Chris Vandyke

2016 Russell Brandon


Honorary Members

 Honorary Membership can be awarded to a non-member to recognise voluntary or paid service to the BDAQ. 


1999 Margaret Hooker

1999 Meryl Pooley

2003 Barb Priest

2017 Erin Smith

President's Commendation

2002 Ray Lawson

2004 Peter Latemore

2005 Greg Pershouse

2006 Glen Place

2006 Bert & Barb Priest

2007 Colin Roe

2008 Max Slade

2017 Owen Kleidon

2019 Evan Andrews

2020 Henriette Werner